Green Monster Light [Monsters]

Green Monster Light

PictureThe Green Monster Fishing Light is a great addition to any fishery. The concept of using lights to attract fish at night is not new nor can it be ignored. The lights attract aquatic insects which in turn attract smaller baitfish and eventually predator fish. This process provides a greater recreational opportunity at night for lake owners. It also provides lake owners with a unique way to observe their fish. Lights can successfully attract minnows, sunfish, catfish, bass, and crappie to any area.

Each Green Monster bulb is individually hand crafted using polymer potting resins. This quality workmanship creates a superior product and ensures dependability in the harsh underwater environment. Assembled with top quality UL approved parts, each light kit is tested and retested before its carefully packaged for shipment. The light bulb is placed underwater and has an adjustable weight which allows the light to be suspended at various depths as needed. The lights are wired through a photocell therefore the turn off and on based only on sunlight.Picture Please contact me with questions or order by email at

Double Light Kit

The Green Monster Double Light Kit provides users with the benefit of having "two" light bulbs running off a single control box. Each Double Light Kit comes with one (8" X 8" X 4") control box which contains (1) photo cell, and (1) GFCI plug which powers both Green Monster bulbs. Bulb cords can be ordered in any combination of lengths From 50' to 150'. Each bulb is suspended from the dock and has a weight allowing it to be placed at the desired depth.

50'/50' Cords 9.00 + shipping and tax
50/100' Cords 8.00 + shipping and tax
100'/100' Cords 8.00 + shipping and tax

PictureSingle Light Kit

The Green Monster Single Light Kit is a great addition to any dock. Each Single Light Kit comes with a (6" X 6" X 4") control box, which contains (1) photo cell, and (1) GFCI plug. This unit powers the single Green Monster bulb. The Single Light Kit works Great for those who want one light or those who wish to have multiple lights in multiple locations. Cable lengths can be ordered from 50' to 150' to accommodate individual needs. The bulb is suspended from the dock and has a weight allowing it to be placed at the desired depth.

50' Cord $349.00 + shipping and tax
100' Cord $379.00 + shipping and tax
150' Cord $399.00 + shipping and tax

12 Volt Light Kit

For locations without electricity or for fishing from a boat the 12 Volt Green Monster Light is the answer. These units are completely waterproof and will provide the ability to attract fish to any area regardless of electricity availability. To properly use this as a permanent light from a dock a solar power system should be set up to charge multiple batteries. Unfortunately at this time these units do not include a photocell or solar system so they must be individually designed and manually controlled.

Standard 12 Volt light $179.00 + shipping and tax

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