Two Monsters in Godzilla [Monsters]

Two Monsters in Godzilla

Godzilla Trailer Reveals Monsters Godzilla Trailer Finally Reveals Multiple Monsters[WARNING: This post contains possible SPOILERS for ‘Godzilla.’]

Just hours after the director of detailed the history and nuance of the iconic creature’s roar (with Warner Bros. and Legendary encouraging fans to give their own attempts at imitating it), a brand new trailer for Asian markets has arrived, featuring not only more of the ear-splitting bellows but a clear look at the enemies Godzilla will be called upon to fight and what events will likely bring the two monstrosities to blows.

Godzilla Trailer Enemy Creature Godzilla Trailer Finally Reveals Multiple MonstersPrevious trailers had kept Godzilla and his mysterious enemy in near-total secrecy, instead emphasizing the horror and tension fans could expect from Edwards’ take – but the latest trailer makes it clear that Godzilla intends to be one of the most action-packed blockbusters of the coming summer movie season. Whether it’s the lengthy look at Godzilla doing battle with a suspension bridge or the wealth of explosions, it seems safe to say that Jurassic Park fans will be just as likely to line up for admission as fans of the classic sci-fi disaster movies.

Given the abundance of CGI spectacle, it’s possible that fans may have overlooked some key scenes and lines of dialogue that also lay out the presumed plot of the film fairly clearly, and help explain how it is that Godzilla will be playing the part of hero. Recent TV spots and images have implied that other mutated creatures would be responsible for the widespread destruction glimpsed in the earliest footage, and this trailer confirms our suspicions (with far more impressive visuals than the toy line which already revealed the villain creature).

According to the new footage, the glowing, sucker-filled tentacle glimpsed in several trailers does indeed belong to the villainous creature(s?); it is these monstrosities that seems to have been the subject of Japanese experiments, and whose escape from containment kicks off the events of the film. With the world being torn apart, it is Ichiro Serizawa (Ken Watanabe) who offers a solution: the monster – no, the god – that has the power to stop the otherwise unstoppable menaces (Editor’s note: it’s possible the creature seen in both images is one and the same).

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