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All monsters on Monster Legends


There are total of epic monsters ( of them are known breedable), and recently there has been new monsters added to the family:

Due to their preciousness, Epic monsters mostly cannot be bred normally by using 2 elemental monsters. The requirement of breeding Epic monster is using both uncommon/rare monsters (any 2-element monster). One monster should have 1 element opposite with other monster's element.

Breeding opposite elements are:

Difficulty of Breeding

There are some epic monsters that don't have opposite elements, which makes the game are more variable. They are: . They can be bred directly from monsters. This open a window for new player to aim these monsters first for combat (quest & pvp).

"Easy to breed" epic monsters.

Other epic monsters are much more harder to breed, since they require using hybrid monsters, which will increase the elements of the breeding.


  • Normal/classic way: breeding 2 common/rare monsters, which can combine 1 pair opposite elements (each element from each parent monster). In this way (1 pair of opposite elements), your success chance is ~25% (2 Epic monsters - same elements). Example: Utochomp and Sheluke => 25% Epic monsters
  • For those Epic monsters within opposite elements: "Double chance" is the most effective way to make 4 Epic monsters by using 2 pair of opposite elements. The first monster has 2 elements, the other monster should have 2 elements that are all opposite with first monster's elements. In the double method, you will likely have a success chance 50% (total 4 Epic monsters). Example: Utochomp and Shock Turtle => 50% Epic monsters
  • For those Epic monsters without opposite elements: You just have to use basic uncommon monsters to get it, and the chance is 30% for the single Epic monster. Example: Genie and Treezard => 30% for Pandalf

I recommend the last 2 methods. You will save your time with these methods.

Good Combination

First, you need to determine which Epic monster you need the most, and another "back up" Epic monster.

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