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Doom New Monsters

MAP27: Monster Condo is the twenty-seventh map of Doom II. It was designed by Sandy Petersen and uses the music track "Waiting For Romero To Play".

MAP27 map

Map of MAP27


At the start, go towards the east and go through the door. Pick up the rocket to reveal a larger library with baddies. On a bookcase in the east side of the room hit the switch. With your BFG blow the enemies behind hit or race towards the invulnerability sphere and get the yellow key (A). More Hell Knights will be released, and another one will when grab ammo in the back of the new room. Hit the switch on a new section that was lowered.

Exit the library, go east and touch the skulls to lower a wall with Imps (B). Pass it and go west towards a door at the end of the corridor. In the large room hit a switch in the northwest corner to lower a large chunk of floor. Go through the door and then the yellow door to its right (C). Climb the stairs towards the end and get the blue key (D). Jump towards a platform in the center of the room and will be sent to a similar room (E). Hit the switch in the east wall and shoot the north wall. Hit the switch there and go through the door by trying to avoid the Revenants and Mancubi. On the other side of the door, quickly open the center wall. Follow the corridor and lift platform towards the end and hit the wall behind the invulnerability sphere and go through it(F).

You will be sent to a small room. Hit the wall in front to return in the large where you were heading towards the yellow door before. Watch out for numerous Revenants in the room and go towards the blue door. Hit the switch and get red key in the midst of the Hell Knights (G). Go to the door beside the blue one and hit the first switch on the north side (H). The floor will lower. Go towards the narrow corridor pass the Arch-Vile and exit behind the red door.

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