RG Monsters, Born of The Gods [Monsters]

RG Monsters, Born of The Gods

On its own merit, this phoenix provides you with a solid creature no matter which choice your opponent makes. While that makes me consider this card for Standard, the problem is it has no home.

A red-based aggro deck might want it, but four may be too much for most red aggro decks. Red-Green Monsters might give this guy a shot but there are probably better options. For now it looks like the phoenix is decent but also homeless.


As the most overhyped card in the set, we are left wanting for a replacement for the irreplaceable Dark Confidant. One thing to remember is that inspired creatures like are much better in a world with bestow creatures because they become harder to kill. I think this will prove to be an important aspect of limited play.

There is one scenario where Pain Seer has potential to see play in Constructed. Think about a human-based deck that can support and might be able to set up the following board state:

10. Temples

These temples may not be flashy, but they will be an important part of Standard. We have already seen how the lack of them limits deck construction, with the green-black temple in particular.

Temple of Enlightenment and Temple of Plenty have preexisting decks they will slot right into. The small consistency bonus will prove important for those strategies and make others viable that were not previously.

9. Bestow Monsters

Born of the Gods has given us two exciting new bestow creatures to play with. Both and are strong on their own, but are also powerful with bestowing for an efficient cost.

White seems to have gotten much better with Born of the Gods so Eidolon might bestow his power to some creatures right away. The might have a tougher time finding a home though because the black cards in Standard right now are so powerful already.

His original stats trump do, which is important. It’s been a while since we have had a 3/3 flyer for three mana. I think both of these will get some time in Standard before their time is up.

8. Kiora

This card is up for the most-discussed award. Most of my discussions start with how awesome she would be with one more loyalty or if she cost one less mana. Since neither is the case, we should focus on what she actually does.

Ideally, if the board is clear, you can start to every other turn. Kiora reminds me of a little because you often alternate between his +1 and -1, and I think she’ll play similarly.

Bant Midrange is getting some hype thanks to number four on this list. Kiora and Courser have great synergy with each other and could be the shell for a midrange ramp deck. Playing white seems like a natural inclusion not only for the removal but also because might be the only card worth ramping to in Standard.

Low-loyalty Kiora might not be revolutionizing Standard anytime soon, but she could be a solid role player.

7. Drown in Sorrow

Mono-Black definitely needed cards to make it better. Sorry, I know that was not a funny joke. What’s scary about this card is how much more invulnerable it makes the black devotion decks.

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I need help with my fallen godling (minor god)? | Yahoo Answers

This is a good job;although, before creating how he looks like, create his history. For example:he was an angry god that that killed without mercy, upseting the balance and the other gods somehow overpowered him. Turning him into a godling. After living with humans, he finally understands what he did and feels bad for humans.
Now with a vague outline, you can build your character more. His traits, powers, his affliation to society as a whole. And after doing all this, then create his mulitple forms and how they relate to his history.
Lastly, i think your trying to hard. Dont give hi…

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